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Flight Instructor - CFII

Teach pilots how to fly in instrument conditions and further their knowledge of flying as a whole.
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Adding instrument rating to your CFI certificate is a great way of improving your skills as both a flight instructor and as an instrument pilot. There is no minimum hour requirement to complete this program under Part 61. However, most pilots need 15-20 hours of flight training to reach the level of proficiency required to pass the practical test.

Ready To Take Flight?


The purpose of this flight training is to teach you the skills, knowledge, and judgment required to safely teach others to fly under IFR in IMC, and to prepare you for the FAA’s Flight Instructor – Instrument Airplane Practical Test conducted by a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE).


Read, speak, write and understand English.
Able to obtain an FAA 3rd Class Medical.
Pass a written test on the subject areas on which instruction or home study is required.
Pass an oral and flight test on procedures and maneuvers selected by an FAA inspector or examiner to determine competency.
Comply with the regulations that apply to the rating  seeked.
Additional Course Information

Aviation Courses

Private Pilot
Fly an airplane day and night in visual flight conditions.
Instrument Rating
Operate aircraft in low-visibility environments.
Commercial Rating
Get financially compensated for piloting an aircraft.
Complex Endorsement
Operate aircraft with retractable gear, flaps and controllable pitch propeller.
Flight Instructor CFI
Teach private pilot and commercial single engine students.
Flight Instructor CFII
Teach studentslow visibility flight to obtain their Instrument Rating.
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