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Determination Matters

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What Determination & Patton Aviation Can Do For You.

The first step in becoming a private pilot is to find the right motivation and flight school, such as Patton Aviation. The second step is to set a goal, and the third is to make sure you have determination to overcome whatever obstacles come your way. This young man (19 years old) has completed his Private Pilot Certificate in 54 hours flying in two months.

He overcame obstacles such as weather, maintenance and change of instructor to complete his goal of getting it done during the summer before he starts college. He turned every obstacle into a stepping stone of experience and increased knowledge. Prior to his enrollment at Patton Aviation he did a lot of ground studying on his own time and completed his Private Pilot Knowledge exam.

To ensure a solid understanding Patton Aviation offered practice mock oral exams with other instructors he didn’t have for training thus solidifying his knowledge of aviation rules and regulations, airspace, flight operations, weather and aeronautical decision-making. The Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE), reported that his knowledge and skills were strongly imminent. All achieved by a strong commitment by Patton Aviation, Its Instructors, methodology and resources in place, as well as, an impeccable motivation by the student.

Make sure to check out how Patton Aviation can help you achieved your goal!  Check out our courses below!

Private Pilot
Fly an airplane day and night in visual flight conditions.
Instrument Rating
Operate aircraft in low-visibility environments.
Commercial Rating
Get financially compensated for piloting an aircraft.
Complex Endorsement
Operate aircraft with retractable gear, flaps and controllable pitch propeller.
Flight Instructor CFI
Teach private pilot and commercial single engine students.
Flight Instructor CFII
Teach students low visibility flight to obtain their Instrument Rating.
Patton Aviation Denton Texas
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