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About Patton Aviation

The Spirit Of Flying
At Patton Aviation we strive to teach and share flying in a way that promotes safety, foundational flying skills, and fun.  With years of experience in general aviation and in the airline industry, we carry over those concepts to the learning environment and offer flying in a unique, one-on-one, and individually tailored way. Whether you want to fly for fun or fly for a living, all your needs are met with our business practices supporting you.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Provide professional aviation training without need of previous aviation experience. Patton Aviation offers complete training courses that will guide you to your desired goal.  With over 35 years of experience in aviation, we can make your dreams of becoming a pilot a reality!

Meet Our Team

Patton Aviation Denton Texas

Janet Patton

Owner,  ATP, CFII/MEI, Commercial Lighter-Than-Air Pilot
Janet Patton of Denton, TX has been flying airplanes for over 35 years. A Michigan native, she earned her wings at small airports throughout Southeast Michigan. Janet’s biggest aviation accomplishment was becoming Spirit Airlines first woman pilot in 1996 followed by the first woman Captain in 1998. At American Airlines, Janet was previously a Boeing 737 Captain based at DFW, and is currently a Boeing 777 First Officer flying International flights. With over 20 years at American, she is looking forward to holding wide-body Captain on the Boeing’s 777 or 787 within the next few years. Janet is happy to share the passion of flight with others.
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Theresa Orrin

Office Manager
Theresa serves as our office manager. Coming from San Francisco, California, she has been a resident of Denton County for 10 years. She may be new to aviation, but she has a true love for learning, and she has been intrigued by flight since she first stepped foot on an airport while
working for the first major cargo airline, "Flying Tigers."

After subsequently serving a full career of over 20 years in the mortgage industry, Theresa is ready for her second act! In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering with church, gardening, and swimming.
Patton Aviation Denton, Tx

Matt Neuharth

Matthew grew up in an Air Force family and was immersed in aviation from a young age. After an intro flight on his 16th birthday he decided he would pursue aviation as a career. He went to South Dakota State University where he got a degree in Aviation and his CFI, CFII, and MEI. After graduating he moved down to Texas to be a flight instructor. With a passion for flying and teaching Matthew thoroughly enjoys what he does while he builds his flight hours.

Patton Aviation CFI

Rolland Welsh

Rolland Welsh has been flying airplanes for 40 years. Along with his ATP he holds a CFII certificate. His background includes being a flight instructor, flying corporate charter and air ambulance, and worked as a commuter pilot for Rocky Mountain Airways in Denver. Most recently, he has been flying for American Airlines for over 30 years, and he is currently a 737 Captain based at DFW.
Learn To Fly Denton Texas

John Cranford

John started flying in 1979 at 16 years old. Life happened and 30+ years later he returned to the skies in 2014 and earned a Private Pilot certificate, quickly followed by Instrument, Commercial, and CFI. During a 32 year law enforcement career John instructed numerous LE topics and was a skydiving instructor for 10 years. He retired from LE in 2020 and began instructing and airplane ferrying. John has ferried planes all across the US and Canada.
Partton Aviation Denton, Texas

Leonard Beale

Leonard got his first introduction to flying in 1978 as a Civil Air Patrol Cadet. He was able to complete is Private Pilot License in 2003. Leonard flew on and off for several years while navigating military deployments and a full time job in Law Enforcement. Leonard finally completed his Instrument Rating in November 2021. Leonard then went on and completed his Commercial and CFI at Patton Aviation.  Leonard is passionate about aviation and enjoys sharing his adventures with others.

Want To Learn To Fly?  The need for pilots has never been greater.

Patton Aviation Denton Texas
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