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Hot Air Balloon Rides

Our balloon floats as if by magic and drifts under the influence of the wind, making it a unique experience.
Spirit Of Aviation, Denton Texas
Patton Aviation Hot Air Balloons will Uplift Dreams and Give New Perspectives to flight.
For Ballon Rides Call:
(817) 366-7576

Ready To Take Flight?

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Interested in a Balloon Flight:


Hot Air Balloon Ride on your bucket list? Patton Aviation can help you make a ride your reality. When the weather is conducive to balloon flying, we love to fly rides over North Texas! We offer both tethered (tied to the ground with long ropes) and private-flights (from launch and full flight to landing).
We fly anywhere from treetop level to a few thousand feet in the air giving you one of the most beautiful views of the area! Don’t be surprised to see a variety of wildlife and gain a new appreciation for tranquility. During our flight, our Balloon Chase Crew will follow on the ground beneath us and meet us wherever we land. Once the balloon is packed away, you will be treated to a post-flight celebration.


 All passengers, or guardians of passengers, must sign a waiver prior to your flight.
Passengers must also be able to climb in and out of the basket and hold onto the side rail of the basket as needed throughout the flight.
Up to 2 passengers can fly in the same balloon at the same time depending on the cumulative weight.
Safety is our primary concern. As with any outdoor sport, we have no control over inclement weather conditions.
 All flight and weather related decisions are solely made by the pilot-in-command of your balloon ride – tethered or private flights.
For Ballon Rides Call:
(817) 366-7576
Patton Aviation Denton Texas
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