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Complex Endorsement

The complex endorsement will get you operate aircraft with flaps, retractable gear and constant speed propellers.
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The complex endorsement must be added to a certificate and therefore, the candidate must hold at least a private pilot certificate. There are no time requirements associated with a complex endorsement, but the candidate must exhibit complete competence in the operation of a complex aircraft. Upon the demonstration of proficiency, the Certified Flight Instructor will award the candidate the complex endorsement.

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The complex endorsement is relatively easy to obtain, yet affords a pilot the ability to fly a wider range of aircraft. A complex aircraft is defined as any aircraft that possesses flaps, retractable landing gear and constant speed propeller.


Read, speak, write and understand English.
Able to obtain an FAA 3rd Class Medical.
Private Pilot Certificate
 Unlike other certificates and ratings, the complex endorsement is conveyed solely by a Certified Flight Instructor.
Additional Course Information

Aviation Courses

Private Pilot
Fly an airplane day and night in visual flight conditions.
Instrument Rating
Operate aircraft in low-visibility environments.
Commercial Rating
Get financially compensated for piloting an aircraft.
Complex Endorsement
Operate aircraft with retractable gear, flaps and controllable pitch propeller.
Flight Instructor CFI
Teach private pilot and commercial single engine students.
Flight Instructor CFII
Teach students low visibility flight to obtain their Instrument Rating.
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